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« WHO » This is the icon journal of the one and only Amber a.k.a. wesaucereyes.
« WHAT » This journal focuses on two things sports and pop culture.
« WHERE » Right here! Come on where else would they be if not in this journal?
« WHEN » Um, right now there is no updating schedule. Yay, for surprises?
« WHY » Because stealing home is pretty overrated.
« HOW » All icons are made using Paint Shop Pro 7 ESD and Photoshop CS.

« HOTLINKING » Before hotlinking think what would Earl do. He would never hotlink because it makes for bad karma. Don't you believe in karma too? If you don't have one yet, I recommend making either a Box or Photobucket account for all your saving needs.
« CREDIT » Giving credit is left up to you since it will never be demanded or asked for.
« COMMENTS » While you don't need to credit, please comment if anything is snagged. It's just a simple way of letting me know not only what people like to see, but that people are using my icons in general.
« USAGE » I'm anti-drama when it comes to my stuff so don't worry about me tracking you down all over teh interwebs and having a fit because you used one of my icons on greatestjournal/ myspace/ xanga. Actually, I just might track you down if you spread my icons all over the internet, but only to have giggle-fest since stuff like that makes me happy.

« LAYOUT » Layout coding by damnicons, pictures from boston.com, all edited by me.
« REQUESTS » From time to time I will take requests. When that time comes I will make a request post, so please don't go leaving comments about it until a post is up.
« QUESTIONS » If you have any questions feel free in this journal. If for some reason you feel just must, you can also leave a comment in the friends only entry of my personal journal.

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